AromaPure Mist


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Refresh the mind, body and spirit with the AromaPure Mist. Featuring a modern, ergonomic design, this diffuser delivers your fragrance of choice in gentle wisps of mist, while emitting therapeutic LED light therapy in a rotating selection of orange, green, blue, purple, and pink tones. Experience a calm, balance-restoring ambiance as the AromaPure Mist invigorates and refreshes the senses.

To use, remove top lid. Fill base with cool water. Add 2-3 drops of preferred essential oil. Replace cover. Connect to power. To turn on, press ON/OFF button. To turn the mist on, press MIST button. To turn LED lights on, press LAMP button. For intermittent mist (30 seconds on and off), press 30 button.
Caution: Do not turn on without adding water to base.


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