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Examining antioxidants

Resveralife Examines Whether Antioxidants Are Enough to Protect Alpha Personalities from Premature Aging

A few findings that were published in the “Functional Ecology” Journal state that unequal workloads might make the dominant individual more susceptible to premature aging and an increased risk of diseases. Scientists warn that alpha males and alpha females who are driven to do more than their share of the work might be at an increased risk of premature aging and might also have a shorter lifespan because they would be more susceptible to problems like heart diseases.

According to a study that was conducted using white-browed sparrows, it was determined that males and females who end up doing most of the work are more than likely to suffer from oxidative stress than those who don’t.

If you have an idea about your daily skin care routine, you would already be aware that oxidative stress usually occurs due to a lack of adequate antioxidants in the body. This is believed to lead to all sorts of illnesses such as accelerated aging, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. The study used white-browed sparrows because in a white-browed sparrow community the dominant male and female species are the only ones who defend the community’s territory. They are also the only birds that breed. Therefore, in order to assess the impact of these unequal workloads on the overall health of the birds, scientists measured the level of antioxidant protection being enjoyed by 93 different sparrow weavers before and after the breeding season.

Dr. Dominic Cram, the lead author of the study, states that animals or humans are known to divide their workloads when they live together in communities. It is common for some individuals to work harder than the others. This study was mostly conducted to investigate whether the members who work the hardest are the healthiest and whether their optimal health allows them to work more than the rest of the community. Another objective of the study was to determine whether the work rate has any impact on the health or not.

The results of the study showed that even though the antioxidant levels of the dominant individuals and the subordinates could be compared to each other before the start of the breeding season, some of the most hard working females ended up suffering from a much weakened antioxidant protection at the end of a 6 month long breeding season.

It is common knowledge that antioxidants help animals and humans to protect their bodies from the damaging free radicals present in the environment. According to Dr. Andrew Young, the co-author of the study, the findings suggest that an unequal sharing of workload might leave the harder working individual more susceptible to oxidative stress which ultimately leads to things like accelerated aging and poor health conditions.

This study could end up being extremely significant is it is one of the very first studies which suggests that social dominance in species might also lead to certain psychological costs that can have direct implications in terms of the aging and health patterns.

Resveralife Asks: Can Wine Replace the Gym?

Some might consider wine to be a toxic irritant in the system, but recent reports seem to show that the ancients might have got it right once again by substituting water with wines in their diets. A number of studies now state that this grape based intoxicant might have antioxidant qualities to offer to the human body. This simply makes us wonder whether wine can help us feel healthier or not and how much of wine should we be drinking. After all, drinking more wine is what the entire French Paradox is about, isn’t it?


Wine was considered to be a staple in ancient times because water was more or less contaminated with pathogens and deadly diseases. Moreover, in many places water ended up becoming a luxury, whereas wine could be found everywhere. Such was its popularity, that it managed to linger on for centuries when countless other alcohols came and went. And as many wine lovers would love to swear by, they still seem younger than many of their non-drinking buddies.


In a recent study that was conducted to determine whether wine consumption had any benefits, researchers have discovered that red wine contains an active ingredient known as Resveratrol, an ingredient that is commonly found in nuts and red grapes. Resveratrol is considered to offer significant anti-aging benefits with regular use and it is also believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Numerous wine based studies also confirm that Resveratrol has a way of improving the cardiovascular health of our elderly, when used in the right doses.


In fact, another study also mentioned out that red wine could be effectively termed as a substitute to exercising because it helped to protect muscle loss and preserve muscle tone. However, despite these results, Resveratrol studies are still in their nascent stages and it is always best to drink wine in moderation.


What you can do is that you can alter your daily routines to accommodate some red wine and give your body with the wondrous benefits that Resveratrol has to offer. And No. Don’t be lazy. We don’t mean that skipping out on your daily exercise is ok. Here are a few things that you can do.

  • Maintain your daily exercise routine. Resveratrol might be helping you with muscle toning and preventing muscle loss, but exercising is about a lot more than maintaining your muscles. It also has a lot to do with keeping you healthy. What you can do is that you could wind down with a glass of wine. This helps you to look good as well as feel good.
  • Bring in the reds. Dessert wines might taste fantabulous, but they don’t offer you with any Resveratrol whatsoever. So, cut out on the tastes that a Chardonnay has to offer. Red wine is just as tasty and its extremely healthy too.
  • Always drink in moderation. Resveratrol might be beneficial for your body, but always drink wine in moderation. Wine also contains alcoholic content and sugar that can accumulate toxins and poisons in your body. Drinking too much of wine can also cause a lot of internal damage to your body. Remember, wine can act as a Resveratrol supplement, it cannot act as a replacement for healthy lifestyles.


To sum up, can wine replace the gym? Nope!

Many bowls of different super foods

Resveralife on Super Foods Containing Resveratrol

Now found in supplements and many skin care products the phenol compound Resveratrol is being hailed by scientists, health professionals and beauty experts as the newest wonder product due to its many health benefits. However, you do not need to purchase fancy health and beauty products to get your fix of resveratrol as it is found naturally in many food products. Here we take a look at the super foods containing Resveratrol and how they can benefit your health.

Just before we discover what foods contain this wonder product we need to know exactly what it is and what the benefits actually are. Resveratrol is a plant phenol that is a powerful antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Research into the compound has shown some of the many health benefits include lowering cholesterol, targeting insulin resistance which the precursor to diabetes and promoting general good health. As it works on a cellular level to encourage longer cell life it is even thought to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and even limit the spread of cancer cells. Resveratrol’s powerful capabilities of prolonging cell life also make it the must-have ingredient for many anti-aging products.

So, what are the super foods that contain such a miraculous compound? One of the best foods featuring resveratrol is red grapes. They are not only packed with the antioxidant properties of resveratrol but are also full of vitamins and minerals. The grapes loose none of their power when turned into wine; making red wine another popular choice when it comes to intake of resveratrol. Whilst the odd glass can benefit your health you must still only ever drink in moderation; overdoing the alcohol will only cause other health problems.

Staying on the fruit theme, many berries are also a great source of resveratrol. Cranberries, bilberries and especially blueberries are all a good choice. Blueberries are another example of a super food full of useful vitamins and minerals as well as resveratrol.

If fruit really isn’t your thing you may be pleased to know that resveratrol can also be found in foods such as peanuts and dark chocolate both of which are also a good source of manganese; great for strengthening the bones. The benefits are the same whether you eat peanuts as they are or as peanut butter. When it comes to the chocolate, the darker it is the higher the amounts of resveratrol. Again, it is important to remember that whilst these contain good things they are still pretty high in calories so don’t go mad!

For those of you who enjoy a nice cup of tea, why not try Itadori tea?  For many years this has been used as a traditional remedy in China and Japan. It contains resveratrol and is thought to help prevent strokes and heart disease. It is made from Japanese knotweed and tastes very much like rhubarb.

You can get your Resveratrol fix from these foods or for a higher dose try Resveratrol supplements.

Bump map of the United States showing each state in relief

Superfoods According to State

The United States of America has always been a popular tourist destination for people all over the world. The country enjoys a high standard of life and attracts millions of tourists from every corner of the world year after year. A trip to the United States requires a lot of planning and you’re bound to try out new cuisines or dishes every single day. Now, if you’re a skin care enthusiast like we are, you would be well aware that traveling causes a lot of damage to your skin. It might not be entirely possible to follow a definite skin care routine on a holiday, but it is more than possible to add a few superfoods into your diets so that these powerful items can give you the extra protection that your skin and your body needs. Here is a list of the all-star superfoods for the top 5 most touristed states in the United States.



The sun and the sand, the lure of Hollywood, trips to the Alcatraz, world famous cities like San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles; how do you fit everything into a single trip? You cramp up everything and push your body to the limits. And what gets affected the most? Of course, your skin does. To prevent this from happening, try out the locally grown Avocados. Californians love their avocados and you can easily find them all over the state. They are known to be full of fiber as well as Vitamins C and K. Avocados go a long way in delivering heart-healthy fats that boost the function of nutrients like beta-carotene and lycopene.


New York

The beaches, the countless outdoor activities, beautiful architecture and delightful cuisines mean endless explorations, a lot of walking and equal amounts of partying as well. So what can you choose in New York to save your skin from this damage? As they say, an apple a day, keeps the docs at bay. Apples are grown all over the state and are known to be full of quercetin, an extremely powerful antioxidant that helps you boost your memory and improve your lung function. Apples are also full of fiber, something that helps them to reduce bad cholesterol levels.



Washington is home to Washington D.C., the most powerful state in the world. Politics might be the order of the day, but that doesn’t take away anything from attractions like the Smithsonian, the White House, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, International Spy Museum and the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. All this might seem to be too much, but you’re just scratching the surface. We haven’t even started with everything the state has to offer. Washington is definitely one of the most beautiful states in the US and it is home to spectacular scenery, beautiful forests, gorgeous lakes and excellent glaciers. The seafood and local wine are delightful as well. So how do you balance it all out? Fall in love with onions the way the locals do. Onions can help you to lower your cholesterol levels, reduce the risks of heart failure and regulate your blood pressure. Red onions are particularly rich in quercetin, the same antioxidant that makes apples famous.



The Everglades, the Keys, Universal Studios, Disney adventures, breathtaking beaches and wild South Beach parties – the ideal concoction to damage your skin like no other. Luckily for you, the official fruit of the state is good enough to negate any damage caused during your holidays. Oranges, the poster girls for Vitamin C, also offer filling fiber that help you to keep your taste buds at bay. And we don’t need to describe the skin benefits of Vitamin C, do we?



There’s just so much to do in cities like Houston, San Antonio and Austin and then there’s the Wild West lifestyle to enjoy as well. Balance out all the ruckus with the help of grapefruit, the official fruits of the state. Grapefruits are known to be an amazing source of Vitamin C and fiber. This helps you to take care of your skin and stop your tummies from stomping their weight around every time you pass an inviting restaurant or café. Furthermore, grapefruits are also full of water. This helps you to stay hydrated while you’re trying to make a mark with those cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

Resveralife Examines Studies on Necessary Quantities of Resveratrol for Effectiveness

The latest research might come as a disappointment to all red wine enthusiasts because it shows that the amount of Resveratrol present in red wine is not enough to bring about skin benefits. Resveratrol, believed to be one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants in the world, is commonly found in the skin of red grapes. People have been consuming the ingredient in their diets for years with the hopes of boosting their anti-aging efforts and get younger looks.

Contrary to what was initially believed, this new study shows that the life-extending and disease-fighting benefits cannot be derived by consuming it through food or red wine. This study was conducted on a population of two villages in Chianti, Italy. A total of 783 men and women who were at least 65 years old were made a part of this study. Their Resveratrol intake was studied for a period of 10 years between 1998 – 2009. The results of this study were recently published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal.

Researchers used the subject’s urine and tested them for Resveratol metabolites, instead of asking participants to record their intakes in order to produce effective and accurate results. The study also ensured that less than 1% of its participants took herbal supplements, minerals or vitamins of any kind. Therefore, any increase in the byproducts of Resveratrol could be directly attributed to the food items and drinks consumed.

According to reports, about one-thirds of the participants died during this 9-year study. Furthermore, 4.6% participants developed cancer while 27% of the participants developed cardiovascular diseases. The study revealed no differences in the inflammation, cancer or cardiovascular disease rates, irrespective of whether the participants took Resveratrol or not. Upon first glance, it might come across as a major disappointment for all Resveratrol enthusiasts because the study actually shows that the Resveatrol in the food does not offer any visible benefits to the human body.

However, this was something that was already suspected by experts. The body needs a lot more Resveratrol than what can be consumed through food and red wine in order to produce noticeable changes, reduce inflammation and allow a person to live for longer. According to Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard University researcher, the amounts of Resveratrol obtained through the diets of humans is actually negligible. Thus, the only way to derive the wonderful benefits that Resveratrol has to offer is to consume it in higher  doses.

This is where an earlier study that we mentioned about proves to be so useful. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the skin care industry has been showering so much attention on Resveratrol. According to a study that we have already discussed about, topical applications of Resveratrol have proven to be more effective than ingesting it orally. One of the main reasons for this result was that it is possible to include increased amounts of Resveratrol by way of topical applications, thereby allowing the body to enjoy the right amount of Resveratrol that it needs in order to take the most out of the ingredient.

There is no doubt that Resveratrol is still one of the most exciting compounds to have been discovered by mankind. However, we need to be patient and wait for science to understand more about its basic biology and uncover the best possible ways and means of using it. Until then, topical applications of Resveratrol seems to be the best way of deriving benefits from this magical ingredient.

Nude model reflecting on body image

Resveralife on Body Image

Body image simply implies to how one thinks and feels about their body. It involves a number of things such as your emotions, thoughts, actions and perceptions with regards to your body. Body image doesn’t necessarily comprise of what you see when you look into the mirror or what other people think about your body. It essentially deals with how you feel about your body as a whole. Most people end up having the wrong impressions about body image. Having a good body image isn’t necessarily about having a slim-trim figure or looking flawless. Having a good body image is all about feeling happy and satisfied with your body. Things like over-exercising, dieting, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression are more than likely to ruin your body image. To sum up, the term body image simply defines the way a person perceives his/ her body to be and assumes that others perceive the same. Body image is most often affected by social pressure, social media, television, friends and family.

What do the Statistics say?
All you need to do is to read the statistics to understand how people perceive their bodies to be.

  • About 91% of the women are believed to be unhappy with their body image. As a result, they resort to things like dieting in order to get their bodies in shape.
  • Body image is closely related with self esteem. Many adolescents have low self esteem because they “think” that they have a poor body image. This leads to problems like eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, depression, substance use or early sexual activities.
  • Approximately 5.58% of the girls in college feel the need to maintain a particular weight.
  • Almost 40% of the women and 20% of the men have considered getting cosmetic surgeries done. These statistics are the same for all ages, races, and genders.
  • Students who are subjected to mainstream media are more likely to relate body image to looking sexy rather than relating it to their overall appearance.
  • About 95% people having eating disorders are aged between 12 – 25.
  • 38% men sacrifice at least one year of their life in their search for the “perfect body”.
  • Almost 23% of the men and 45% of the women who belong to the healthy weight bracket feel that they are overweight.

How to Improve Your Body Image
Improving your body image has nothing to do with looking sexy, having flawless skin, maintaining a particular figure or whitening your skin tone. There are a number of things that you can do to improve your body image, but first and foremost, you need to transform the way you look at your body. It’s not about looking hot or sexy. Its about feeling happy and satisfied with what you have.

  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive relationships. Although we have nothing against magazines or tabloids, many of them are useless when it comes to helping you improve your body image. A number of tabloids promote negative thoughts by showing you how overweight you are or shaming you for being too skinny. This leads to negative perceptions which ultimately leads to negative relationships. You need to ensure that you fill your surroundings with people who have a positive approach to life and are supportive of you, irrespective of how you “look”.
  • Exercise regularly. Be grateful for what your body is able to do rather than how it appears to be. You don’t have to over-exert yourself or participate in extreme sports to maintain that perfect body image. All you need to do is go for regular jogs and appreciate the fact that your body allows you to move from one place to the other. Hitting the gym is a great idea as well. But, make sure that you hit the gym for the right reasons, and not to “improve” your body image.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Research has proved that almost all young women and more than half of middle aged women have resorted to things like dieting. Dieting helps you to lose your weight quickly, but the moment you stop, you’re likely to gain it back. This “weight loss, weight gain” seesaw is extremely perilous for the body and it leads to a number of health problems and heart diseases. People who resort to dieting are also known to be susceptible to eating disorders. The best thing to do is to regulate your diet and eat healthy food.
  • Set realistic goals for self-improvement. You need to understand that not a single person is “perfect”. Each human being has his or her flaws. This is what makes us unique. This is what creates and defines our identity. Try to understand that even those perfect looking celebrities have “issues”. Try to set realistic goals for yourself and keep reminding yourself that “real” people are never perfect. Perfect people are only good for one of those wax museums.
  • Avoid negative self-talk. Research has shown that our brains can’t figure out the difference between things that it thinks, says or hears at some level or the other. Therefore, if you tell a person that he/ she needs to lose a couple of pounds, it is the same as telling yourself that you need to lose a couple of pounds. Avoid negative thoughts and don’t dissuade others. Remember, your brain is likely to take in all that information and feel that the messages were directed towards you.
  • Pamper Yourself. Indulge in things like therapeutic massages, proper sleeping hours, relaxing bubble baths or luxurious spa sessions. Pamper your body whenever you get the chance. If you feel good physically, it becomes much easier to enjoy your body and love it for what it is.

Resveratrol's Ability to Treat ANCL

Human prion protein (hPrP), chemical structure. Associated with neurodegenerative diseases, including kuru, BSE and Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Cartoon + wireframe. N- (yellow) to C-term (red) gradient color.Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes, is extremely famous in the world of skin care because of its unique anti-aging benefits. Recent research now shows that Resveratrol might also be very effective in offering the first cure for a neurodegenerative disease known as ANCL (Adult Onset Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis).

According to a study that was funded by the BBSRC and AGE UK and was published in the Human Molecular Genetics Journal, a group of University of Liverpool researchers have finally been successful in finding a potential cure for ANCL. Alan Morgan, the lead researcher of this project, states that even though ANCL currently remains to be untreatable, their research allows them to test for compounds that could offer effective treatments. He further states that among all the compounds tested in the first batch, one (Resveratrol) has shown highly encouraging effects.

ANCL is a disease that is known to affect almost 1 out of every 100,000 people in North America and Europe. It mostly affects adults in their mid-thirties and death comes as early as the mid forties. Despite constant research, no cure was found for the disease until now. However, even though previous studies were unsuccessful in finding a cure, they had managed to connect the disease to the DNAJC5 gene.

The latest study used nematode worms to search for cures for the ANCL disease. The disease was introduced into their bodies my mutating the dnj-14 gene, a gene which is quite similar to the DNAJC5 gene in humans. Since these worms have a lifespan of a couple of weeks only, symptoms of the disease were developed within days. This helped in reducing the time frame that was needed to design and study ANCL treatments.

Researchers used this model to test for a number of chemicals. One of the chemicals that was tested on these worms was Resveratrol, and surprisingly, Resveratrol actually managed to cure the disease without even having to act through the SIR-2.1 enzyme. Almost all other potential treatments were forced to act through this enzyme.

These results have encouraged researchers to test for more chemicals and decide whether nematodes can also be used to study for potential treatments against other neurodegenerative diseases that mankind suffers from. These findings go on to suggest that Resveratrol can play a major role in helping humans to prevent diseases and repair the damage caused by diseases. Although scientists have already been studying Resveratrol for many decades, this compound never ceases to amaze.

In fact, in a study conducted in the year 2003, researchers have also managed to prove that using Resveratrol can help in increasing the life span. This was done using short-lived fish as test subjects. Resveratrol helped in increasing their lifespan by as much as 50%. Moreover, the fish that were offered Resveratrol were able to swim and learn new things in their old age better than fish that were not offered Resveratrol.

This leads to the argument that there is still so much more that the world needs to know about Resveratrol. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if we found Resveratrol to become the most important compound known to man in the near future.

Baby with grapes

Resveratrol Update – Resveratrol Examined for Reproductive Benefits


A group of experts recently conducted a pilot clinical study in order to determine the effects of Resveratrol on the systematic sex steroid hormones. The study was conducted using 40 subjects who were offered with 1gm of Resveratrol for a total of 12 weeks. 6 of the subjects were withdrawn from the study because of certain adverse effects. However, the other 34 successfully managed to complete the entire Resverarrol intervention. The results obtained by testing these 34 subjects show that although Resveratrol intervention did not bring about significant changes in the estrone, testosterone or estradiol, it did manage to a 10% increase (on an average) in terms of the concentrations of the SHBGs, also known as the sex steroid binding globulins.

However, out of the remaining 36 participants, two subjects suffered from Grade 3 rashes, one participant suffered from a Grade 4 elevation of the liver enzymes. All other issues were Grade 1 or Grade 2 events (considered to be common in such studies). In fact, the most common problems were increased cholesterol levels and diarrhea.

This led the experts to conclude that 1gm of Resveratrol had a favorable effect on the SHBG as well as the estrogen metabolisms for obese postmenopausal women.

As you might already be aware, the risk of breast cancer can be partially determined by a number of factors that relate to your hormones. According to this study, Resveratrol might prove to be extremely useful in moderating these hormonal factors. However, placebo controlled tests are required to confirm these findings and the adverse effects that have been found also need to be observed in a study population before we can offer you with concrete proof.


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