Resveratrol Update – Resveratrol Examined for Reproductive Benefits


A group of experts recently conducted a pilot clinical study in order to determine the effects of Resveratrol on the systematic sex steroid hormones. The study was conducted using 40 subjects who were offered with 1gm of Resveratrol for a total of 12 weeks. 6 of the subjects were withdrawn from the study because of certain adverse effects. However, the other 34 successfully managed to complete the entire Resverarrol intervention. The results obtained by testing these 34 subjects show that although Resveratrol intervention did not bring about significant changes in the estrone, testosterone or estradiol, it did manage to a 10% increase (on an average) in terms of the concentrations of the SHBGs, also known as the sex steroid binding globulins.

However, out of the remaining 36 participants, two subjects suffered from Grade 3 rashes, one participant suffered from a Grade 4 elevation of the liver enzymes. All other issues were Grade 1 or Grade 2 events (considered to be common in such studies). In fact, the most common problems were increased cholesterol levels and diarrhea.

This led the experts to conclude that 1gm of Resveratrol had a favorable effect on the SHBG as well as the estrogen metabolisms for obese postmenopausal women.

As you might already be aware, the risk of breast cancer can be partially determined by a number of factors that relate to your hormones. According to this study, Resveratrol might prove to be extremely useful in moderating these hormonal factors. However, placebo controlled tests are required to confirm these findings and the adverse effects that have been found also need to be observed in a study population before we can offer you with concrete proof.