Resveralife Reviews Resolutions Your Health Experts Want You to Make

Were you among the first ones to break your New Year’s resolutions in the year 2014? Have you ever kept a resolution and enjoyed the delight of actually managing to keep one? Irrespective of which side of the spectrum you fall in, you’re bound to like this list of resolutions that your health experts want you to make this year. Vine Vera hopes that these resolutions will help you to enjoy a fitter and healthier 2015.

Splurge on something wonderful using the money you saved from quitting smoking

Anyone who has recently quit smoking or plans to quit smoking should splurge the money saved by gifting themselves something wonderful. Smoking causes all sorts of damage to the body and the skin and it also leads to issues like cancer. If there is one resolution that you should make, it should be to stop smoking. However, quitting smoking has been never likely to stand as a resolution. So you need to find a reason that is good enough to make you quit smoking fast. For some extra motivation, you can always decide on the item that you wish to splurge on beforehand.

Eating more of the right food

Eating more is an extremely popular resolution among so many people. For example, many people resolve to eat more probiotic food in order to cut down on the cravings. There are those who also crave to add some more guilty pleasures into their diets. Ultimately, the right resolution this year would be to eat more of the right food. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating those delicious meats or exquisite desserts, it simply means that you need to reduce their intensity. 

Taking steps to actually lose weight

Instead of contemplating what to do in order to lose weight, you actually need to start focusing on losing weight by taking the right steps. Little things like taking 200 extra steps on a daily basis can make a world of difference. Try to schedule breaks for strolling or walk to your coworker’s desk to deliver a message instead of sending an email. Remember, the secret isn’t in dedicating 30 minutes each day to exercise. The secret to losing weight is to become more active. Your ultimate goal should always be on achieving a healthier lifestyle, not losing weight. As your lifestyle becomes healthier, weight loss is bound to happen. 

Regulate your sleeping pattern

It makes sense to sleep earlier than usual in order to enjoy 8 hours of sleep every night. If 8 hours of sleep is simply not possible, just try and go to sleep 15 minutes earlier than usual and keep shifting the time month by month. So instead of going to bed at 10 while your body is used to sleeping at midnight, it makes sense to reduce it by 15 minutes at a go. If you keep doing this every month, eventually you should be able to go to sleep by 10. 

De-clutter your mind

If you suffer from a lot of stress, this tip is particularly important for you. Instead of trying to be more organized in the year 2015, try to do different things like meditating once every day. When you’re depressed, stressed or anxious, your mind often ends up getting cluttered. Meditation shall help you to de-clutter your mind, thereby releasing your stress and anxiety. In fact, a study conducted that was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal actually showed that 30 minutes of meditation on a daily basis actually helped to reduce anxiety and depression within 8 weeks.